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Creative Design & Manufacturing Agency

Hire our design & Manufacturing agency for creative branded products & Manufacturing & merchandise. At KHAZA SPORTS, we streamline the process of developing marketable products for our clients. We keep you involved as we guide you through the entire creative process through Manufacturing & Graphic design, Product development & Brand development.

Creative Agency

Have you been looking for a creative agency to help bring your brand to life?

Developing clothing products from scratch shouldn’t be as hard as people make it. We simplify the process of creative design for our clients by strategically designing and developing your products, to prepare them for production and manufacturing as efficiently as possible.

Featured Products

At Khaza Sports, We Started Out Designing Custom Apparel That Inspire Players & Use In Daily Routine.
A Decade Later And We Also Provide Teams With Customized Uniforms.

Delivery Method

Step 1
Choose your style

Add logos and team names, or leave them blank

Step 2
Customize your design

Select the design and size that you want.

Step 3
Add to cart

Once finished, simply move to cart and check out

Step 4
You’re all set

You’ll receive a confirmation email with design mock-up.

Step 5
Your kit is on its way

Follow your order with your tracking number.


For custom sportswear, martial arts, and boxing gear we’re a one-stop solution for all your sports apparel&accessories needs. Please get in touch with us. and please also subscribe to our newsletter